At LeggiTeam we think global: in approach, in reach and in performance.


Our mission is to partner our Clients beyond their jurisdictions, into any market and on any project. We always deliver a consistent level of support, despite increasing regulatory diversity.


Our thoroughness drives sustainable solutions that are aligned with our Clients’ strategic objectives. For us, the legal perspective is just an instrument; one that we need to integrate into the Client’s decision-making process. We see the tree and we understand the forest.


Think global, act global, be global.

The Client relationship is at the heart of what LeggiTeam does. We work with, not just for, the Client.


This means our first priority is to communicate with the Client and identify their values and objectives. We invest so much of ourselves because we want to belong to their ecosystem.


We know that the success of our service depends on an in-depth understanding of the Client’s industry and business, its natural market and global trends. Knowing the Client means saving time, reducing costs and increasing our ability to create the right solutions and to innovate.


Thinking different: thinking client.

Our expert teams have built up substantial practical experience and a broad range of skills. We serve as a Client-connected resource hub that acts as a fully coordinated extension of their business activity.


Bringing this experience into the Client’s ecosystem allows us to minimize risk and leverage opportunities, anticipate trends and maximize the creation of high-value solutions.


It is also this experience that teaches us to invest in sustainable and lasting relationships, based on trust, joint work and mutual learning. It is the strength of relationships that takes us further.


Delivering value. Leading beyond.